Best of BTH Mash Up

I’m trying to write today, I really am, but it’s failing.

It’s not a good day or a happy day.  As much as I am trying my coping mechanisms just are not working at the moment and I can’t put something coherent together.

I’m sorry.

Instead I’m going to do a post with some of my favorite past posts.  Re-reading them will, I hope, help fix my current frame of mind, and make a nice little “best-of” type collection.

So enjoy these blasts from the past and I will be back tomorrow renewed and ready for some fresh new happy content.

Give Them a Smile

I love the opening to this post, and I love the rest of it too.  Spread JOY where you go.  Spread smiles and spread love.

Give them a Smile

Being Happier, With Science!

My first real try at writing a catchy click-bait type title.

Just the act of changing how we think about all the little stuff we have to do every day can help make us happier.  You don’t have chores to do, you have GOALS to ACCOMPLISH!

Being happier – With SCIENCE!.. and goals

What I want to be when I grow up

A reminder to myself that the real goal is a frame of mind and level of joy, more than something with a title.

What I want to be when I grow up

Nothing is Impossible

Maybe my favorite post ever, the realization that impossible is everywhere and happens a million times a day.

Nothing is impossible

I hope anyone who is reading this has a truly amazing day.


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