Why being Thankful is key

Being Thankful Brings Happiness

In writing this and seeking out my own joy I have been looking a lot at other people.  Trying to see what make brings them happiness to learn from them.  The is always one unifying theme I find, it all boils down to being thankful and grateful for what they have.

There are many other factors to being happy to be sure, but the more I analyze it the more I find thankfulness as one of the cornerstones.

Case Studies

I knew someone once who had never once in his 30 years of life struggled financially.  His family and him were not exactly millionaires, but they were doing pretty well.

His parents raised him to be smart with money.  They paid for his schooling and when he got out he got a job in his 20’s making more than most people I know over 40.

He never worried about his next meal, never paid a bill late and always had a reliable car.  Now he was pretty responsible with money, but there was very rarely something he wanted that he could not buy on the spot with cash.

Yet he was miserable.

We’d talk and I would be amazed, and a bit jealous to be honest, of the lifestyle he’s lived.  I told him about struggles that myself or others have had with money and he’d just shrug.

It was always about what he didn’t have.  He never really truly appreciated the blessings he already had.  All the money in the world would never have brought him happiness.

I’m honestly not sure if it was because he’d never known any different, or if it was just his nature.

For my next case study I thought about my little sister, Sarah.

Sarah has been on full time disability and is a single mom to a 5 year old.  She is in psychical pain every day and is on a very tight fixed income.

Yet every single day she is celebrating the little things.  Her Facebook is full of posts of her accomplishments for the day and the joy that she found in it.

She struggles, and I’m sure she would be much happier without those struggles, but they don’t own her happiness.  She realizes that for all the things she doesn’t have, she’s still grateful for what she does have.

I have no choice but to conclude that thankfulness, and happiness do not come from having money or things.

Finding Thankfulness

A Note from the Universe:

“The reason most people don’t see miracles is because there’s just so blooming many of them. Like this very moment. And this one. And this one.”   Mike Dooley

No matter your lot in life, no matter what challenges you face right now, you have something that someone else is wishing for.

That could be a psychical thing.  Do you have a home?  A car?  How about a PlayStation?  You’re reading this, so you probably have a phone, computer or tablet.

It could be something non tangible.  Odds are you’re reading this right now, so you have your sight.  Can you walk?  Do you have your health?

How about friends, family or a spouse?

Just like my case study of the friend who never realized what he had, there are things that every one of us take for granted every day.  Even from the very basic list I just gave there are people all over this world who are hoping to someday have something from it.

My challenge to you and to myself is to think about these things that we take for granted.  Recognize that we are blessed to have them.  Be truly and honestly thankful for them.  Celebrate them!

3 things I usually take for granted, but am thankful for:

I am psychically in good health and am not in pain on a regular basis.

I do not struggle for my next meal, I always have access to food.

That I know, accept and love myself.


What are your 3 things?


Being Thankful is a key to being happyBeing Thankful as a cornerstone to happiness

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