Impossible is a matter of perspective

I have a theory that nothing is actually impossible.  There are certainly odds and probability numbers that make some things improbable, but never impossible.

I believe that we think things are impossible simply because we don’t know enough.  We can’t see all the millions of little things that can make that thing happen, so we say impossible.

We have no idea how we impact the future or what it can ever bring.

The complexity of the web of events in our own everyday lives is beyond human comprehension right now.  We have no real way to predict what our actions or decisions today can bring about tomorrow.

The moment the first like life form emerged from the water to land, she was the most advanced creature on earth. This is assuming you subscribe to the theory of evolution

(I’d like to note that I have no idea if this creature was a male or female, and I have no preference one way or another.  I’m just going to assume female for an easier pronoun to use.)

Do you think that in that moment she believed that her first steps would lead to millions of years of evolution to a species that would someday walk on the moon?

I’m sure she had no idea!  She wasn’t even capable at that stage of evolution of the complex thought that would have been required to ponder the question.

She didn’t realize that her decedents would find life on land abundant.  They would spread and over millions of generations adapt to all manner of survival.  She didn’t realize that her kind would evolve to become the millions of species of vertebrates that run and fly across the whole planet.

There was no “Small step for Jane the fish, great leap for evolution” proclamation, just a creature doing its thing.  She was just trying to survive and had no idea the magnitude of her actions or where they would lead.

Let’s fast forward a bit.

Now we’re only around 4,500 years in our past in the region we know now of as Giza and we stop to talk to one of the thousands of men building the great pyramids.

We tell him that 4,500 years from now people will have this thing called electricity that will provide us light and heat without fire.  That we are able to use this electricity to record anything we want to then watch on demand.

We try to describe the internet.  How there is a vast network of machines connecting the whole world and that we can use them to send the recorded images to anyone, anywhere, instantly.

We explain that this amazing network is a vast repository of information where any fact based question can be answered instantly.  To top it all off we tell him that this information can be accessed by people anywhere in the world.  That we accomplish this by beaming it into space and back down to earth over and over again every day.

To his mind what we live every day is an impossible idea.  He would have no frame of reference and no reason to believe any of it to be possible, yet we know it as truth and fact.

What if you told him that even with all of this advancement, over 10 million people a year, from all over the world will travel to this spot.  They will come to gaze in amazement and wonder at what he is helping to create right now.

Jumping ahead

We’ll jump ahead again to just the 1940’s.  For most of us a time frame only removed by a few generations.  For some people who may read this it’s a time frame they’ve experienced.

Our imaginary time traveler grabs a random average American from 1940 something.  Again, we have the same talk about what our day to day life is in 2017.

Electricity isn’t a surprise, everyone by now has that in their home.

The idea of television wouldn’t be that new to most people.  By the late 40’s many homes had a small black and white TV.  Movies had been a part of our culture for a few decades already.

Our new random friend may find it a bit unbelievable that these days we can watch about anything we want, at any time, in full color.  That we watch it on anything from our 70 inch home TV set or 5 inch telephone in our pocket.

How about the internet?  Do you think they would believe that the internet is possible from their point of view?  Probably not.

Yet the wheels of motion were already turning to bring us to the information age.  The first operational computer was created in 1941.

The idea of impossible is relative and of course none of it really is impossible.

The starting point to accomplishing any of these so called impossible things that we have is all the same.  Someone, somewhere had to believe they were possible.

That is the start of anything, great or small.  Believing that it can be done.

What are you going to start believing in today?

Impossible is a matter of perspective Impossible is a matter of perspective



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