Live in your Vision Board

Anyone here have a vision board?

They’re a pretty new concept for me honestly.  I only just discovered vision boards as I started to explore other wisdom on happiness for this site.  I have to say, I love the idea.

If you’re not familiar with what a vision board is allow me to get you up to speed!

What is a vision board?

No matter the source of your self help wisdom they all have quite a few unifying themes.  One of these themes is to envision your goals or dreams to help motivate you toward them.

Everyone from the business minded to the most spiritual of gurus will agree that a key to reaching your dreams is first visualizing them.  Vision boards take this idea literally.

A vision board is simply a visual reminder of your dreams, goals and affirmations.

Most of the time vision boards are represented as a physical thing.  Either a big poster board or scrapbook, filled with pictures and text.

If you’re dreaming of abundance you may include pictures of the type of car or home you want to buy.  Looking for love?  Fill your vision board with pictures from a dream wedding or romantic date.  Someone who has travel goals would include pictures of destinations they hope to reach some day.

Text can also be integrated, usually something like an affirmation.  “You will see the world!” or maybe “True love is waiting for you!”.

I love this concept, but my own goals right now include getting rid of household clutter.  I’m also trying very hard to not start crafting projects I never finish.  (I’m looking at you half done baby quilt)

An alternative idea

I got this brilliant idea to create my vision board on Pintrest!  I would be able to include any image on the internet and do the whole thing with no glue required!  You would even be able to access your vision board no matter where you are on your phone.

I had a whole post typed up for it.  I was preparing to record a video to help show people how to start up a Pintrest account and create a board.

Clearly I thought this was a brilliant idea, right until I talked to my mom about it.

Her argument was “You still have to decide that you want to look at your vision board to see it”.

She had a good point.  Part of my daily goals include going on Pintrest to promote this site and I still don’t manage that every day.

Just having a vision board out there if you want to look at it is one thing, but how much more effective would it be if it was everywhere?

Mom’s wisdom

Mom had a brilliant idea, make your whole house your vision board.

She would leave notes or pictures all over the house.  On the walls, on the fridge, anywhere she would see them.  She even got glass markers to write messages to herself in her mirrors.

How could would it be to read something like “you are loved” every time you walk into your bathroom!

I had actually already done something slightly similar in our bedroom even.  When Chris briefly had a job that took him out of town for 3 weeks straight I got very sappy and decorated our bedroom.  I pretty much filled all 4 walls with canvas that I painted love quotes on.

Not quite a vision board..
Martha Stuart I am not.

Gallery walls?  Oh I love me a good gallery wall.  We have one in the living room full of geeky art prints.  My hallway is roughly 60 picture frames full of photos of our families.

Pictures everywhere!
The other side has just as many on it

That project was super fun!  Most of the frames came from the dollar store and I spray painted them different colors.

Basically there is not a square foot of wall in our home that doesn’t have something hanging on it.  That hallway would have pictures to the floor if we didn’t have dogs.  Even at this height I caught Sneaky trying to eat a frame the other day.

My vision board goal

I am ready to get to work on my vision board!  I am going to get some new frames and fill any little spots I have left with something inspiring.

It may be a picture of where I want to go or it may be an affirmation.  It may be hanging next to a caricature print of Mario and Yoshi on the wall, but it will be where I see it every day!

I’m even working on some printables for either framing or sticking to the fridge or in your wallet.  I will of course share them as soon as they are ready.

Do you have a vision board?  Share your ideas below!

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