Following Your Dream is like following a GPS

Following your dream is like following a GPS

Ever use a GPS to get somewhere you’ve never been?

You have to just keep following it, and you don’t know that it’s taking you where you need to be until right at the end, when you get there.

Even so, you trust it and keep moving until the destination is reached.

Your dreams and goals can be the same way.  Keep moving, trust that you’re taking the right path, and you’ll be surprised at where you’ll end up.

P.S. – I have to disclose that this concept was not my idea, it’s Mike Dooley’s.  Check him out, he’s pretty amazing.

Life is too short for boring glasses

My wonderful 5 year old niece, Lucy needs glasses.  Poor kiddo got my moms eyes and will need to wear them full time.

Hanging out at the eye doctor with her was a blast.  She try on every kids pair in the place, and some adult ones.

Being 5 she wasn’t worried at all about what anyone else would think about them.  She wasn’t thinking about if one color or another would clash with some of her clothes.  She just went from pair to pair, either making “ick” faces or smiles at each.

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