About BTH

Hello World!

My name is Misty and I’ve struggled with bi-polar disorder for over 20 years.

Managing this disease has given me a rather practical view on my own happiness and managing it. Because at any time chemicals in my brain may be telling me things are not what they are I have found it best to focus on what makes me happy and make sure that I’m remembering and doing that always. I have to be aware of the good things in my life even when my mind is trying to hide them.

For me Happy is not something I am or am not, it’s something I do. Every day, in dozens of little choices I try to choose to be happy and spread that to the people I interact with.

This site is to bring you along for my journey. If you join me you can expect to find everything from personal stories, inspiration, humor, advice, motivation and in general a close personal view of me.

Cast of characters:

So fun!
Our Vegas wedding

This is my husband Chris and I when we got married in Las Vegas in 2015 and nothing sums us up quite like our wedding.

This was actually our second wedding to each other. No we didn’t renew our vows, we were married rather young in 1999, divorced in 2002 and though a long rocky road found our way back to each other.

Our motto is “Forever in Love” because we have finally realized that no matter what happens in our lives we love each other and that has never, and will never stop. Despite anything and everything we are always in love with each other and vowed to never forget it again. We even have it tattooed for when we REALLY need a quick reminder.

For our wedding we went with exactly what we wanted and what made us happy. This included Elvis officiating, funky hair, Chris wearing shorts and my Doctor Who necklace. It was a truly perfect experience.

We currently live in the suburbs of Buffalo NY, where I am a supervisor for a big IT company working remote from home and Chris is a stay at home husband keeping us fed and the house in order.

Our goal in the next year is to be able to live full time in our RV and travel the country. At the moment this is in the very early stages of planning, so not very interesting yet. I’m sure as we progress I’ll have much more to write about on that path and who knows, eventually add a travel section to this site.

Joe Joe and Sneaky

We don’t have kids, but we have the next best thing, puppies! Our pups are a huge part of the center of my life and a constant source of life lessons and joy.

Joe Joe is a little over a year old now.

He is a true mutt, with at least 6 breeds in the mix according to the DNA test we sprung for. He is a 60 pound bundle of energy and love who is happiest when he can play a good game of fetch with us, followed by a nap on the couch.

Sneaky was born in June of 2017 and as of writing this is just under 3 months old. She is half lab, half beagle and all love and teeth. She is a total lovebug and worships Joe Joe.

Joe Joe the happy pup
Sneaky the Puppy
Those eyes!

In Closing

I am in no means a life coach or certified expert in anything. I have no degrees.

I’m just a person with a unique view on happiness and positivity who thinks that others may like to read about it. I would love to get a community going where we can talk and learn from each other and help lift up ourselves and others each day.

I truly hope that if you are someone who is interested in being more aware of how happy you are on a day to day basis and looking to improve on that you subscribe and participate in the conversation here.