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Building a Community

Jan 5, 2018
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This site and my vision for it seems to be an almost living organism, it’s evolving so fast.

As I continue down this path I find I’m not satisfied with just a blog. I don’t really want to just lecture people from behind my little laptop every day.

I want to interact!

It’s been rough to do.

I’m not much of a fan of Facebook these days. Groups and pages get lost in the shuffle and you’re just bombarded with ads for everything and anything. Still love it for personal stuff, but for trying to build actual interaction between strangers it’s been rough going.

Instagram is neat, but not being able to post from an actual computer means anything I do post will be full of phone related typos. Plus I can’t link to things.

Twitter is just. Well, it’s twitter. It’s you screaming the same thing over and over again hoping someone sees it over the 800 other people screaming.

And then we have my blog, where there are room for comments sure, but it’s not exactly discussion. It’s not setup for “hey, here are my printables, show me what you did with them!”.

I would like a place where I can bring people together to talk about these topics. Where not only do I get my ideas out there, but hear yours!

So I guess my point is that the site may be in for a re-vamp in the near future!

I’m exploring some new WordPress thingies that would allow visitors to log in and interact with me and each other. Something I guess somewhat similar to a local Facebook, but without the ads.

People would be able to create a free login, or log in with their Google\Facebook\Whatever else accounts.  You could make a profile, post whatever, make friends, engage in discussions and a ton more.

Topics and focus would be the same as always. Taking steps in your every day life to be happy. Caring for yourself, setting and reaching goals.

I would kill the Etsy store and just keep creating printables for the community here, free of charge.  It would also allow me to bring in guests with their free printable content or take in ideas from the community on what helps them in the day to day.

Any thoughts from my readers? Would this sort of thing be something you would be into? What do you think I should include?

As always I’m hoping for feedback!

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