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A New Look!

Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed we have a whole new theme and look!

We also have some other cool new stuff, like groups and forums.

Everything is setup so you can log in with any social media account, because who needs to remember another login right?

I will be migrating the printable stuff from the newsletter lead ins to the forums, so look for updates there on the main page feed.

As ALWAYS I’m looking and hoping for any feedback from you.

I will be back a bit later today with an actual content driven post.  First though, Chris and I are FINALLY going to see Star Wars.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

How ridiculous are dogs?

Aren't dogs the best?Mommy I missed you!

How ridiculous are dogs?

They’re just all about the moment.  They get so happy to see you that they pee everywhere, even if you’ve only been gone a few minutes.

They just want to play, eat, sleep and give or get love.

It’s no wonder we love having them around so much, they are just so much better at enjoying life than people are.

Aren't dogs the best?

Mommy I missed you!

Positivity is a hundred little choices

positivity is your choice

Positivity is hundreds of little decisions every day.

Waiting in a long line?  Stuck in traffic? Heard a bad joke?  Have to work?

Read more

Don’t worry about life, make today great

Just make today great

Don’t worry about life, make today great

When you do something really well, no matter what it is, you do it, then do it again and again.

Like if you play a song perfectly on piano, you just play it perfectly every time you do it.  You don’t worry about how you’ll do it a month or a year from now, you focus on doing it great this one time.

Your days are the same way.  Don’t focus on making tomorrow or next month great.

Learn to make one day great.  Then do that over and over again.

PS – Tomorrow I’ll be showing off the project that has kept me super occupied and distracted for the last few weeks.  Spoiler, it’s AWESOME.

Just make today great Just make today great

Every new moment is a new start

Every moment is a new start

Every new moment is a new start.

Right now is a new start, and now, annnnndddddd…………. now.

Don’t be limited by the mindset that you will start something at the start of something.

Not next Monday, next month, or as a New Years resolution.

Take advantage of the freshness of every new moment and start it now.

Every moment is a new start Every moment is a new start


Following Your Dream is like following a GPS

Following your dream is like following a GPS

Ever use a GPS to get somewhere you’ve never been?

You have to just keep following it, and you don’t know that it’s taking you where you need to be until right at the end, when you get there.

Even so, you trust it and keep moving until the destination is reached.

Your dreams and goals can be the same way.  Keep moving, trust that you’re taking the right path, and you’ll be surprised at where you’ll end up.

P.S. – I have to disclose that this concept was not my idea, it’s Mike Dooley’s.  Check him out, he’s pretty amazing.

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