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Decide each day to be happier

Oct 1, 2017
Every day!
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Be thankful
Enjoy the moments
Accomplish Something
Give away smiles
Control your worries

Writing this blog has made me stop and really examine what choices I can make on a day to day basis that make me a happier person. Of course that was part of the whole idea, but it’s inspired me to list out the basics to give myself a kind of daily to do list. A quick list of opportunities to keep an eye out for every day to make sure I’m making the right choices when they arise.

Misty’s fast track for day to day Being The Happy:

Be thankful
Enjoy the moments
Accomplish Something
Give away smiles
Control your worries

Links for each heading lead to a more detailed blog post on that subject.

Be Thankful

Now I’m not talking Thanksgiving gather around the table and be thankful for the usual health, home and family. My goal here is to give little thanks for specific things on that day.

For example today I am thankful for having a husband who understands that I’m spending our day off together writing.

I am thankful that our youngest puppy, Sneaky, has not had an accident in the house today.

I am thankful that the weather is chilly and perfect for sitting on the couch under a blanket and writing all day.

It’s the small, mundane day to day things that without taking the time to try to think of them would go unnoticed. Even on my hardest days I will look for at least 3-5 things from the day to be thankful for.

Enjoy the moments

These are not always the big moments that you will remember for the rest of your lives. They may even be the mundane moments to some and they may be moments that you have over and over again every week or even every day.

Still stop to be in that moment and enjoy it.

Thanks to the puppy I was awake and standing outside this morning holding her leash at around 4:30am. Not generally something to celebrate. But it was a brisk clear morning and while she did her thing I was able to notice how brightly the stars were out.

Sure, I wanted the moment to be over. I wanted to be back in my bed asleep, but I was there and used it to find something beautiful and enjoy it.

Accomplish Something

It’s not going to be every day that we manage to make that final step to a big goal, or have some huge noteworthy achievement, but we can accomplish something every single day.

Maybe you got the laundry done, or cleaned the house, or visited a friend you haven’t seen in a while or paid a bill. Even the smallest of tasks is something accomplished and taking the time to see that and feel the pride in it is a huge boost to any day.

I particularly like this one because it leads to even more things getting done as your day goes by! Hey, I got rid of that cobweb in the corner of the living room, boy does that feel great. While I have the duster out let’s do the rest of the corners in the house real quick.

A boost of pride and accomplishment can go a long way to shaping your day, so embrace it when you can and see where it can take you.

Give Away Smiles

Ok, this one may be my favorite.

Have you ever made someone smile without smiling yourself? Probably not, it makes us feel good to make others feel good.

We’re not always going to get the opportunity or time to do some big grand gesture for someone else. Most people can’t spend every day giving to the poor or directly helping people, but giving away a smile! Who can’t manage to do that every day?

Try to make someone smile every day, it’s that simple. It can be with a complement, a hug, a joke or just a nice thought. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s one of the biggest boosts you can give to yourself each day.

Control your worries

This post has a far more detailed information on this particular step, and it has helped me in my day to day life more than I can describe.

If there is something I am worrying about I figure out if it’s something I’m in control of, have influence over or have no control or influence over.

If I can control it, I either do what’s needed or make a plan to. Either resolved or with a plan, there is no longer a need to worry on it now.

If I can influence it, I either do what’s needed or make a plan to. Either resolved or with a plan, there is no longer a need to worry on it now.

If I can do neither, I let it go. If something is that far out of my control it does no good to me or the issue for me to worry about it.


If your answer here is “I don’t do yoga or new age stuff” fret not, you can handle this and no knowledge of crystals or chakras is required.

Take a few minutes each day, even if it’s the last few before you fall asleep at night.

Close your eyes. Breath in slowly, hold it a few moments, breathe out slowly. Tell all the muscles in your body to relax.

Now think of your happy place. This can be real or imaginary and literally whatever you want it to be.  It could even be a happy memory if you’d like.

Just sit there for a few minutes, quiet, relaxed and thinking happy thoughts.

That’s all that is to it! Give it a try next time you’re stressed out or feeling crazy and be shocked at how much it can help. Even 30 seconds can help you re-center and feel refreshed.


There you have it folks, my quick cheat sheet to small decisions I make every day to try to be happier.

Sometimes I miss opportunities to make the right decisions and sometimes I forget them altogether, and that’s ok. This is not a perfect process and we’re not perfect people, but the more often I see these opportunities and take advantage of them the better I feel.


Every day!

  1. I love the positiveness of your blog- so nice in a world that can be so negative!

  2. This is a wonderful list and definitely something I needed to hear today! You are so right that it is the small things that can make a huge difference and I love the examples you gave of very simple things that we still need to celebrate. They all matter! Thank you for that reminder.

  3. Oh my goodness! So much truth here! My favorite points were “accomplish something” and “control your worries”! If I can do both of those in one day- it’s a good day!

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