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Life is too short for boring glasses

Dec 8, 2017
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My wonderful 5 year old niece, Lucy needs glasses.  Poor kiddo got my moms eyes and will need to wear them full time.

Hanging out at the eye doctor with her was a blast.  She try on every kids pair in the place, and some adult ones.

Being 5 she wasn’t worried at all about what anyone else would think about them.  She wasn’t thinking about if one color or another would clash with some of her clothes.  She just went from pair to pair, either making “ick” faces or smiles at each.

Lucy gave no thought to how well each pair would stand up to being a 5 year old ever day.  (That was mom’s job!)  She didn’t look up the hottest trends on Pintrest or ask the doctor what the best sellers were.

After about an hour she picked out 2 pair, one red (with a squeal of “my favorite color!”) and one pink.  Her choices were hers alone, and based only on what ones made her happy.

Being yourself

Seriously, how cute is this kid?

5 Year olds are pretty smart

It dawned on me that we are never more ourselves than we are as children.  They’re not worried about what anyone else will think of them.  Kids don’t care what trends are, or what color is in season.

be YOU

Lucy sporting her favorite outfit

5 year old Lucy just knows what she likes and wants that.  If it makes her feel happy, she’s all about it.

If you’re a little jealous it’s alright, so am I.

Life is too short for boring glasses

While I’m no Lucy I’ve been moving in the same direction for a few years now.  I have to tell you, it’s AWESOME.

Here’s me, about 3 years ago when I had to get my first pair of glasses.  They’re nice, don’t get me wrong, but boring.

Brown glasses, brown hair, brown walls….

About 6 months later I found out that I can’t really wear that style because I was getting blisters on my nose.  No matter how many times they were adjusted my nose was just too darn big.   I mean, look at that picture.  HOLY cow it’s a big nose.

The doctor suggested I switch to plastic frames.

There Chris and I stood, in the same place Lucy was yesterday, trying on glasses.  I went for all the normal ones.  Tried the smaller ones, the brown ones, the safe ones.

My eye kept coming back to the red pair.  I was in love.

But really, come on, am I someone who can pull off big red almost cat-eye glasses?  Me?  Misty?  The girl with no real style at all.  There’s no way.

I’d like to say I had a great moment of self discovery, but the truth is Chris made me get them.  He’s good at pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Smile at you

I can’t lie, my love of my glasses was a bit of a turning point for me.  I loved how the looked and more than that, how they made me feel.  (and still do!)

As self conscious as I was about being able to pull off a look like that I got complements all over the place.  More than that I was smiling when I looked at myself in the mirror.

That’s when I decided to live a life more colorful.

Shortly after I started dying my hair any bright color I could get my hands on.

Chris and I bought a house, and instantly re-painted every room.  From where I sit right this moment I can see 5 different colors on my walls.  Our kitchen is styled like a 50’s diner, complete with black and white checkered floors.

Why would we do this to a house?

Because it made us happy!  Because we smile when we look at it.  What other reason would we need?

When is the last time you did something just because it made you smile?

3 years later.  No more boring glasses or hair.  Blue wall, Dr Who shower curtain.

Be your 5 year old self

I’m aware bright glasses and technicolor hair isn’t for everyone.  I would never suggest everyone go out and splash a rainbow over their lives the way I did.

I will say that I have tried to embrace my 5 year old self, and it’s awesome.

Does it make you smile without hurting anyone else?  (or getting you fired from your job or something)


If it makes you happy, embrace it.  Dye your hair, get the giant green hat, get the tattoo or wear a glitter my little pony shirt.

Don’t shy away from what you enjoy because you’re worried about what anyone else may think or expect.  You are the person who has to face the mirror and you have every right to love what you see.

  1. And I love the outcome….of the glasses, hair and your influence on Lucy. Dance like no one is watching! Laugh and love.

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