Best of BTH Mash Up

I’m trying to write today, I really am, but it’s failing.

It’s not a good day or a happy day.  As much as I am trying my coping mechanisms just are not working at the moment and I can’t put something coherent together.

I’m sorry.

Instead I’m going to do a post with some of my favorite past posts.  Re-reading them will, I hope, help fix my current frame of mind, and make a nice little “best-of” type collection.

So enjoy these blasts from the past and I will be back tomorrow renewed and ready for some fresh new happy content.

Give Them a Smile

I love the opening to this post, and I love the rest of it too.  Spread JOY where you go.  Spread smiles and spread love.

Give them a Smile

Being Happier, With Science!

My first real try at writing a catchy click-bait type title.

Just the act of changing how we think about all the little stuff we have to do every day can help make us happier.  You don’t have chores to do, you have GOALS to ACCOMPLISH!

Being happier – With SCIENCE!.. and goals

What I want to be when I grow up

A reminder to myself that the real goal is a frame of mind and level of joy, more than something with a title.

What I want to be when I grow up

Nothing is Impossible

Maybe my favorite post ever, the realization that impossible is everywhere and happens a million times a day.

Nothing is impossible

I hope anyone who is reading this has a truly amazing day.


World Kindness Day

10 acts of kindness

Happy World Kindness day!

Kindness is something that ideally we would practice and celebrate every day.  It makes you feel good, it makes someone else feel good and you never know how far an act of kindness can take you!

Kindness opens doors

The start of 40,000 years of kindness

I was listening to Tony Robbins on YouTube the other day and he told this great story that I would love to link to you, but I can’t find it again.

To greatly paraphrase it, he went out to dinner with his family and the waiter they had was just fantastic.  He appreciated it so much he made a big fuss, told the manager that he should give him a raise and even got the other people nearby to stand up and cheer for him.

Way further than most of us would go, but a simple act of kindness that didn’t cost him a thing all the same.

Some time later when his daughter was looking for a waitress job she was hired there, because she was considered family after that display.  While working there she met a man she started dating.  That man got her interested in acting, what turned out to be her life passion.

There is no telling how far one simple, totally free act of kindness can go or where it can lead.

10 totally free things you can do to spread kindness any day

Complement people
You know that popular phrase these days “I have no filter”? Have that with complements. See someone wearing a shirt or shoes you like? Complement them!  Like someones hair?  Complement them!

It doesn’t have to be a big conversation or anything, just “hey, that jacket is awesome!” is enough. You’ll be shocked at the huge smiles you get!

Say Thank You
Honestly and often. Someone holds a door for you? Thank them! You get good service somewhere?  Thank them!

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to be thankful for all the little things in life. One of the best things we can do for others is to express that thanks to them!

Acts of Kindness, say thank you!

“Resting b*tch face” is also a big thing you see online right now.  What is your reaction when you see someone with a face that looks unhappy? Do you feel a connection with them or like that is someone you would like to get to know?

When in doubt smile. Even if you’re not feeling cheerful in that moment just the act of doing it with your body will push your mind to that happier place. It will do the same for others too!

“If you can’t say something nice…”
Along the same lines as “I have no filter” being proud of saying mean things to people should not be a thing.

If you have something negative you would like to say to someone stop and ask yourself if there is value to saying it, or it saying it will do good. If you find yourself wanting to say something negative to someone just for the sake of saying it, don’t.

In case it is something that can help them by hearing it, make sure you communicate it in private and in a kind manner.

When you’re with someone be there
Put your phone down. Listen, really listen to the other person. Participate in the conversations and honestly care about what they are saying.

Donate stuff you don’t need or care about
Almost everyone has stuff they don’t use or care about. Old clothes, nick knacks or maybe supplies for craft projects that never happened.

Donate practical things like clothes to a homeless shelter and the less practical to a local charity thrift shop. It costs you nothing that you care about, clears up room in your house and helps others.

Share uplifting stories
People are always in a hurry to share the horrible things in the news every day. Be the person that shares the joyful stories. Talk instead about the puppy that rescued a little girl or the couple that’s been married for 80 years.

When you find evidence of good in the world share it!

Get You Matter cards
The You Matter Marathon will send you 30 “You Matter” cards totally free.  No shipping even!

Hand them out to whoever you want. Heck, leave them on pin boards in public places for anyone to find.  Or get some scraps of paper and make little notes saying whatever you want.

Imagine a stranger handing you a card that just reads “You’re awesome” and the smile you’d have.

Post something nice to someone on social media
There are 8 billion memes out there that say something kind. Post it to a Facebook wall, tag someone in twitter or Instagram. You can even be silly with it if you want.

Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while
I think we all have that one friend or relative that we just forget about sometimes. There’s no real reason, they’re just out of sight and out of mind. Give them a call or a text! Set yourself a reminder to do it again in a week or so!

Think up your own ways to spread kindness!

This list is by no means complete.  Even if you just keep an eye out for opportunities each day to be kind you’ll find many many more.

Make every day World Kindness Day in your little corner of the world and you’ll be amazed at how good it will make you feel.

10 acts of kindness Acts of Kindness, say thank you! Acts of Kindness, say thank you!