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Printable planning and freebies

Nov 27, 2017
Printable thankfulness worksheet
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Printable planning to be the Happy

In trying to think of ways to help avoid inactive slumps I came back to the idea of a printable planner.

I know what knocks me back into action when I feel off.  Perhaps a good prompt to help me remember those things will help!

I even had a good starting point with the 15 printable pages I made up a week or so back.

I hit a touch of a roadblock with building out my planner because my printer died.  Thankfully I found a nice looking one on a black Friday deal for $30 and it should be here any day now.  To be totally fair, Chris found it.  The man is a shopping pro.

Now I’m preparing for my new printer and planning on how to use my binder to keep my momentum going every day.

Of course I simply have to share what I have in store here!

Thankfulness Pages

I made 2 new pages just with prompts to put me into a thankful frame of mind.

I fully believe that a key in being happy is to be thankful for what you have.  To remember and focus on your blessings more than your wants.

Printable thankfulness worksheet Printable thankfulness worksheet

Download the printable Thankful pages here.

Today Cards

Did you know they sell sticker paper sheets you can get?  You can print anything on them and make stickers!  I had no idea.

I made this sheet with 10 little cards all about how great today is.  They can be made into stickers, or just printed on card stock and used as cards, inserts into a planner or put on a fridge.  No matter how they’re used they are a great little reminder that every day is a gift to be used.

printable cards

Download the printable cards Here.


I honestly can’t wait for the printer to come in so I can get all set up with my planner.  It feels like the idea feeds very well into “being” the happy and will help keep me on the right track.

I promise pictures when it’s all set up!

Oh and for my blogging friends I have a big old pack of printables around running a blog coming tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

If you like these, or any of the other printable content I’ve offered please share with the buttons below.  I’ve included a few nice Pinterest size images even great for sharing!

Printable thankfulness worksheetprintable cards

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